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We work with companies and people to supply medical Escort providers and travel logistics for older, ill, cognitively impaired, disabled, or family members, workers, and customers at a reasonable price. Know more about our solutions ..

Individuals with chronic or specific illnesses that are acquired And accidents cannot travel utilizing way of transport or unassisted. Regrettably, transport that is unplanned or personal air ambulance results in tens-of-thousands of dollars in bills. EMSOS Provides a secure, affordable choice for patients with an Assortment of accidents and health conditions:

  • Aged
  • Sick
  • Handicapped
  • Cognitively Impaired
  • Injured
  • Medical Tourists quitting for returning from therapy


Your work is finished, Once you contact us to arrange a transportation for your loved one, customer, or employee. We take care of every part of finding the home sound and safe so that the patient can focus on her or his recuperation.

Security is our priority. All instances are Handled by our Physicians, that speak with your normal and healing Physician to ascertain the best type of transportation. Typically, patients could be transported on aircraft when provided with suitably armed and trained medical escorts.

Further, because we've got every step of to participation The manner, we can offer a degree of care along with unmatched by the majority of the businesses in the business. Our medical escorts are trained at the intricate altitude physiology and take the most recent model mobile oxygen concentrators and resuscitation equipment, such as advanced life support medications and narcotic pain medicines.

At the conclusion of your trip together with EMSOS, we provide you with All documentation that is essential to submit to your insurance provider.

Our protocols and processes are time-tested and comprehensive, Ensuring that your family member or customer is currently receiving the safest, Economical and comfortable health care..