Q 1)How is EMSOS different from other ground and air ambulance services?

EMSOS provides hassle free “bed-to-bed” transfer. This involves patient pick up by ground ambulance services, transport to the airport, escorted transfer by air and another ambulance waiting on arrival at your destination. Ground ambulances are equipped with state of the art life support equipment. All of the above services are arranged and coordinated by EMSOS and its partners.

Q 2)What is the cost of patient transfer?
Q 3) How is the mode of transport decided?
Q 4)In case of an emergency, how long will it take to reach a hospital of my choice?
Q 5)Which documents are required in order to transport a patient?
Q 6)Can you transfer patients awaiting an organ transplant?
Q 7)How many family members can accompany the patient?
Q 8) Do private health insurance companies pay for Air Ambulance transfers?