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Air Ambulance Available


Air Ambulance available (Domestic and International amidst Crisis of Corona)

We have teams ofintensivists who are transferring all patients in need who are not corona infected from any part of the world and in domestic sectors

Necessary documents needed:

  • Covid 19 negativity Certificate for the patient and attendants
  • Medical history of the patient.
  • we will be good to help at any time of the day and night 24x7

    Please feel free to connect with us on www.emsos.in

    Or Call @ 9899785455, Email: Navneet.singh@emsos.in

Quickest activation time and most powerfulteam of intensivist lead by DrNavneet Singh who is one of the biggest names in the Indian scenario of critical patient transfers and Critical care and emergency medicine.

Why with Us:

We have availability of one of the most advanced Jet aircrafts (for International)And turboprops (Domestic) for all of patient needs with most advance ICU equipment with Most advance critical care practices and infection control protocols followed at par with global standards of AHA , and keeping continuation of care while transfers are done and necessary documentation needed during transfers for observations and treatment provided in route

That makes us different from rest of the people available who just work on the cheap costings. We definitely provide care in the Air which had kept us exclusive since 2005 since we started operations.

(Among the first people who started Air ambulance operations in India):

Remember people, Cheap is not necessarily the best.

Patients are precious and continuation of care is the most important part of Transport and the care given while transfers is most important decisive factor of the survival of the patient and is one of the big factors in Mortality (survival)and morbidity (Disease recovery and disability time)

In all of this, Cost is an important factor as it is an expensive prospect but a slight hike to gain the quality and safety during the patient transfer shouldn’t hurt that much . SPECIALLY WHEN A PRECIOUS.LIFE OF YOUR DEAR ONE IS AT STAKE.