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Commercial Medical Transports



If a patient encounters a Medical emergency during His/Her travel in a foreign place or country and is stranded away from home then they might call for transport back to their homes (Medical Repatriation). Air ambulance transfers sometimes becomes pretty expensive in such cases. EMSOS delivers an alternative for such Patients. Patients are carried as a stretcher, Business or a first class passengers with Medical escort and all the ICU equipment and Emergency drugs.


Medical repatriation could be crucial to your individual or relative if they're sick or hurt and will need to come back to their home state or country. In most cases repatriation is expedited on a commercial airline flights, which is the alternative...

It's suggested for a patient whose severe medical conditions are addressed and the individual is currently coming home for long-term or recuperation maintenance. There's usually some time needed (4 to 5 working days) to produce plans which are secure and appropriate and permissions from the airlines are Sorted with Meda clearances by the airline medical team..

The same time is needed for procurement of Visa for the medical team (although most countries visas are already there with our teams).


India has excellent tertiary care hospitals so in past Decade India had emerged as a big Medical Tourism Destination. EMSOS has an access to most tertiary care hospitals where in they can help getting the best Quotes and Fastest Tat for the course of Management. We at EMSOS can guide you to best specialist for the problem and the best hospital:


  • Quality Of Maintenance
  • Option Treatments
  • Maintenance by a Renowned Professional or Specialty Hospital
  • Want for Career
  • Opportunity to Regain while on Holiday

EMSOS can help your loved ones or you make it from Your preferred therapy destination safely, easily and comfortably.

While has Lots of tools to turn to when deciding the best destination where they will look for care, which makes arrangements to those places is an part of the procedure that's frequently overlooked. Buying tickets, acquiring visas and medical clearances, making logistical arrangements, and getting the essential equipment and medication may be an overwhelming and daunting task to your health tourist and their loved ones. EMSOS takes care of these logistics on getting the very best care possible, so that the patient may focus..

Whether you are a tourist A hospital with a patient or Place for medical care travel into your center, EMSOS will help.


A medical evacuation becomes necessary when a patient finds him or herself using a health need which can't be addressed in their existing location because of lack of capacities. Patients that can under other circumstances be considered too shaky to maneuver may be at heightened chance of worsening their condition unless transferred into a location where appropriate care is available. Since the patient's identification is frequently uncertain and the individual is at a higher risk than the usual patient would usually be during transportation, evacuation normally brings the patient just as much as required to achieve the nearest, appropriate centre. The mode of transport can be dictated by what's available to move the individual as fast as possible to some greater care area.

Nobody expects experiencing a medical crisis when Daily but it happens. When patients and their families find themselves in need of medical evacuation servicesthey seldom know whom to turn to. Though the individual's welfare is obviously the number one priority, both patients and their families may end up unnecessarily saddled with tens of thousands of dollars in bills linked to an unplanned medical evacuation.

EMSOS Provides a Alternative for Accepting patients in need of evacuation.

Fortunately, EMSOS offers a safe, cost-effective option for transporting patients in need of medical evacuation.