Air Ambulance


EMSOS has been providing dedicated care in the skies for well over a decade and has successfully conducted more than a thousand air evacuations globally.

We carry out medical evacuations via chartered aircrafts, commercial jetliners and helicopters both within India as well as the rest of the world.

Our Doctors and Paramedics are well-qualified professionals, trained to manage patients in the most challenging of situations, and execute efficient and coordinated “bed-to-bed” transfers worldwide.

Our services range from the transport of patients on life support, to providing medically trained escorts on commercial flights for otherwise stable patients (individuals who may require some assistance due to debility, age, disability etc).

Commercial airline repatriation and transport is also available.

Should you require air transport:


-Send us an online request (click here)or call on our 24X7 line to schedule a medical evacuation.

-Your request/call will be immediately forwarded to a medical professional who will make an assessment of the patient’s condition based on a brief medical history. In many cases the patient’s treating doctor will also have to be consulted.

-Next, the transport options and the details of the medivac process will be communicated with you.

-In case of commercial airline transport, ticketing is done by EMSOS. Special assistance at the airport ensures speedy and comfortable boarding.

-Ground transport for patients is provided by EMSOS in several cities within India.

-In any form of air evacuation, a doctor or nurse accompanies the patient throughout the transfer.